The III MAF Band at Camp Horn, Danang - 1969
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They tooted on horns, they beat on drums. But, make no mistake about them, they were all  United States Marines. They were young. They were tough. They were ready. They were prepared to assault or to defend. They were few. They were proud. They were the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force Band-Vietnam. This is their story. Their music gripped the souls of many a home sick and war weary Marine. Their magic was solace, a brief respite amid the chaos of combat that swirled in whirlwinds of danger and death. For some in dusty camo green it was the band of the angels, for they would hear no other.... This page is humbly dedicated in rememberance of them and of all who served. May God bless and keep  them all.  OORAH!!


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Camp Horn aerial photos by
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